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    Standard Tuning is great but with EZ Tuner for Guitar (Guitar Tuner) you can go beyond the norm with open tunings, drop tunings and more. The free version has Standard and 9 alternative guitar tunings ( Drop D, Drop C,1/2 Step Down and more...)

    This easy to use tuner provides clear reference pitches and great visual cues for tuning your guitar. Use the reference pitches like a pitch pipe for guitar tuning.

    Download it now for free.

    EZ Tuner for Guitar - Tuner [Free] (Ad Supported) Features
    -- Standard Tuning
    -- 9 Alternate tunings
    -- Loop button so String is plucked repeatedly as you work through tuning.
    -- Loud clear reference pitch with adjustable volume
    -- Visual indicator of current string
    -- click on the button or touch string to tune

    Free Version Tunings are

    - Standard - Drop D
    - 1/2 Step Down - 1 Step Down
    - 1 1/2 Step Down - Drop D 2
    - Drop C - Drop C#
    - Drop B - Drop A#
    - Drop A

    (Upgrade to the pro version and get 27- Alternate tunings plus ad-Free)

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