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    New music player with many functions (smart random, sleep, relative song volume, file browser,...) and minimum permissions. INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR THE FIRST 100 USERS!

    There is only one permission for reading phone calls. It's needed for pausing of playing song when somebody calls you. No more permissions are needed. It means no Internet access, no downloading and flooding your memory with useless data, no access to the data storage,...


    * Playlists - Fair Music Player supports playlists. You can save actually played songs to the playlist. Or you can add a song to existing playlist. It is possible to open more playlist at once and combine them. You can add songs from files also.

    * Smart random - without repeating of songs! The playlist is randomized but songs are played in order. So it is simple to go back to the previous song. And every song is played just once! (Many other players are using random function and very often happens that one song is played more times)

    * Relative volume of the song - very useful function for those who have songs in different quality with the different sound level. Thanks to this function it is possible to set up in every song a different sound level.For example you can set up volume +3 for a song which is quieter than others. A player automatically then sets up volume +3 for that song and after the song is over, the volume is put back to the same level.

    * Sleep timer - do you love to listen a music before you go to sleep? Then you will appreciate a sleep timer function. After the predefined amount of time the player will gently fade out and close itself. And you can keep sleeping undisturbed.

    * Find a song - you can find a song according to the artist or the song name. It is made a list of songs which matched search condition. It is possible to write just a small part of the song name and the song is found.

    * File browser - access to whole phone not just to the SD card. It is shown folders and music files (mp3, mp4, arm, wav...). You can change a default path to your files in settings.

    * Lock screen - it is possible to handle player even from lock phone. You do not have to unlock the phone to play previous, next song or to play/pause the song.

    * Fade out between songs - it is made for those who need more time to enjoy the song before the next one begins to play. You can set up a time in second to fade out between songs.

    * Your notice to the song - this function will appreciate everyone who needs to store some more infromation to songs. It can be lyrics, notes, accords or whatever you need.

    * Background of the main screen - we let you an opportunity the set up your favorite image as the background image to customize its view. We recommend choosing a picture with the similar resolution as your screen has.

    * Evaluation of songs - you can evaluate every song by stars from the value of zero the 5. Default is zero. You can evaluate your most favorite songs this way and then play them from 'Advanced play'.

    * Most favorite songs - you can find 'Play the most played' and 'Play the most favorite' in 'Advanced play'. The difference is that the most played is calculated automatically and the most favorite is made by you.

    * Notification icon - while a song is playing you are able to see an icon in the notification bar. You can go to player by clicking on it from the any application.

    * Player is shown as the option to play a song if you clicked in some file explorer (installed in you phone) to the song file.

    Supported types of music files depends on your Android version.

    There are English, Czech and Slovak localization now and a more comes soon.

    \* No changes made in the player (relative volume, notice, deleting...) will affect a real data in SD card, player has no permission to rewrite data on your phone.

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