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All the songs you need, in the pocket. With the Fakebook sheet music reader you can leave the music score binders at home. Transposable chord charts, free downloads of PDF, iReal and other music notes formats - the Fakebook app is the go-to gigbook.

* 1600 preloaded real book jazz standards, pop and rock chord charts that you can transpose.
* Import most common music and lyrics formats, including PDF, chord pro, i real, abc.
* Download, import and index sheet music and songs when online, then all charts and setlists are stored locally. No WiFi worries at the gig.
* Full screen sheet music and optional two page view. Automatic cropping optimize sheet music for your reader, tablet or phone.
* Best in class play list editor. Create and store setlists, mixing transposable chord charts, PDF music notes, lyrics and sheet music any way you want.
* Edit chords and lyrics in the app. The easy-to-use editor allows quick fixes as well as adding new songs from scratch.
* Spotify and YouTube links to reference recordings as well as quick search makes Fakebook the perfect practice tool.
* Mark, draw and annotate on any song, regardless of format. Only possible with Fakebook!
* Extremely accurate metronome, stores tempo for each song.

Playing piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, strings, brass? Singing lead vocals? Or in a choir? Leading a worship band or playing in an orchestra? Weekend warrior, doing real book jazz standards or only original music? Fakebook is the gigging musicians library, the ultimate sheet music reader for you!

The Fakebook sheet music reader app is compatible with AirTurn and PageFlip (Firefly, Cicada) wireless pedals. It import music files from other apps (e.g. in chord pro, i real and abc formats). Batch scripts (free from www.skrivarna.com) automatically download and index PDF collections, e.g. most popular Real Book, Vocal Book and Gig Book binders. Import images or take pictures with the device camera. Dropbox and other cloud storage supported.

Note that the 1600 transposable chord charts are included in the app purchase. Other sheet music, notes or lyrics (e.g. in PDF format) are downloaded separately, but free scripts for importing and indexing popular real books are available from the app and www.skrivarna.com.

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