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Kansas City, Kansas is where our journey begins. Seeds of performing and singing were planted early in this UrbanDIVA. With only a Fisher Price recorder and a love for music, 3year old Angela Wildflower Polk began her career as a performer.

Unafraid of the spotlight “little Wildflower” went on to become half of the Kansas City R&B duo known as Double Take. As “pre-teens”, Double Take performed at various events across the country and were selected to perform as one of the top ten talents in the country by B.lack E.ntertainment T.elevision! The high school years came and went, along with promises of record deals and opportunities unfulfilled, so Angela proceeded to Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia to see what other endeavors life held for her.

At Spelman College, Wildflower became a flower all her own. She began refocusing her efforts into acting and received her B.A. in Theatre. While paying her dues on the theatre scene, she became well respected as an actor and songstress. Wildflower knew the time had come to combine her love for music, skill of acting, and gift of storytelling to take the world by storm!

Hailing from inner-city life, this UrbanChica is determined to share her journey with the world through song. “Growing up, I never knew I lived in the “inner-city” or a place that people considered “ghetto”. I was always surrounded by so much love.” Growing up poor wasn’t the battle for this inner-city DIVA- not becoming a negative product of her environment was the true test. Singing stories of struggle, success, dreams, and love are what inspire Polk to continue climbing to the top of her mountain.

theURbanDIVA is a celebration of music, a griot of situations, and a talent determined to inspire people of all ages to touch the sky! theURbanDIVA has a powerful message of hope, and strong soul vocals that captivate the heart! In 2003, with a love for life and a desire to make the world a better place, Wildflower founded “dreamgirls” a mentoring program for girls ages 9-17.

“A Wildflower is something destined to be. It’s not cultivated in a garden, but grows because of God’s glory. I continue to pursue this dream, because I know there are many “Wildflowers” in the world who are overcoming their situations daily. I want to give voice to their story…I represent them.”

Wildflower theURbanDIVA is destined to leave a lasting impression on the music industry and beyond.

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