5-Band Graphic Equalizer stick to sound "5EQ"

Get this app for listening to the music player sound better by using the virtual effector called "equalizer" this app, you do not have a.

● Caution
This application uses the functions of audio effects that are standard with the Android OS.
Depending on the version of OS events up its own specifications and terminal, audio effects no longer work has occurred.
Is under investigation, "in some models of the OS of Android 4.0.4, the effect ineffective" in it, but I know right now is a situation in which.
This phenomenon, please understand that it is not a problem that can be solved by the application side.
Once you've found your solution, we will respond.
Based on the operation, for the query, and we describe music player you are using, the OS version of your terminal, we will be very helpful during the renovation app.
By all means, I would appreciate if you can help.

○ Features
・5-Band Equalizer ( 5EQ )
(To compensate for all the bands, respectively.)
・ Bass Boost
(To emphasize the bass.)

○ Supported OS
Android OS2.3 or higher

○ How to use
" Before you start your music player, please start this app.

" There is a fader to adjust the tone of each of five different bands on the screen faders. You'll notice a change in sound quality and to increase or decrease relative to the "0".

" You can compare state and that it takes effect in the "BYPASS" button, a state that does not span.
" If you have LED "Off (dark red)" is a state of "ON" equalizer effect.
" If you have LED "light (bright yellow)" is a state of "OFF" equalizer effect.

" When you press the "BASS BOOST" button, in the order of "OFF → Midium → Hard → Heavy → OFF", will take effect.
" If you have LED "Off (dark red)" is a state of "OFF" effect BASS BOOST.
" If you have LED "light (bright yellow)", the effect BASS BOOST is enabled.

" You can call a preset in the "MENU" key on the terminal.
" Select the optimal settings for a different genre of music, please press the "OK" button.
・ If you prefer, you can adjust the screen re-fader.
" Select the "Create Presets" If you want to save the adjusted settings again, after you enter a name for the preset, "Please press the OK button."
" The preset is added to the bottom of the list.
" If you want to delete the preset that you created, select the preset you select "Edit List", you want to delete, please press the "delete button".

" In the state multiplied by the BASS BOOST, too lift the (230 [Hz] and 60 [Hz]) of low-frequency band equalizer, you may lower the overall volume. At that time, by lowering the low frequency band equalizer, the entire volume will move up.

-The maximum value of the fader is "+12 [dB]" However, by settings will sound may be distorted. In that case, please re-set to "(default setting) FLAT" Once a preset.

" The preset settings that you create are Custom (fader image) will not be displayed thumbnail images.

● Tested on the Handsets below (Android4.0.4).

Galaxy S III SC-06D
Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E



● Tested on the Handsets below (Android2.3.x).
Xperia Arc SO-01C
Galaxy S SC-02B
Galaxy S II SC-02C
Xperia Arc SO-01C
Xperia Acro SO-02C
Medius N-06C

Xperia Acro IS11S

Desire X06HTⅡ
Desire HD 001HT

* After the operation check, we will continue to update.

● kan8apps page

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