Change comparable to the sound of the machine is a standard headset discount "Headset Tone Tuner App".
    Just call the adjustments according to the headsets you are using, making it easier to hear a few steps.
    In particular, headset (Hi-Fi sound, Lo-Fi sound) is so effective and relatively inexpensive surface.

    ● Caution
    This application uses the functions of audio effects that are standard with the Android OS.
    Depending on the version of OS events up its own specifications and terminal, audio effects no longer work has occurred.
    Is under investigation, "in some models of the OS of Android 4.0.4, the effect ineffective" in it, but I know right now is a situation in which.
    This phenomenon, please understand that it is not a problem that can be solved by the application side.
    Once you've found your solution, we will respond.
    Based on the operation, for the query, and we describe music player you are using, the OS version of your terminal, we will be very helpful during the renovation app.
    By all means, I would appreciate if you can help.

    ○ function
    Death was only 5-band equalizer to adjust the headset in general.
    ? The treble quality correction to set the parameters in question form, suitable for use headsets, the bass.

    ○ How to use
    ? Before you start your music player, please start this app.
    ? After starting this application, while playing the music of your choice to start the (those without an equalizer function) for your music player, will return to this application.
    ・ From the main menu, four questions will be displayed.
    ? Choose an answer in the flick, please decide to tap a button or, left and right.
    ? When you answer the four questions until the end, you only adjust the sound quality will be completed.
    ? If you wish to return to the previous question, please tap the "back button".
    ? In the "button" comparison, can be compared with the original sound quality.
    ? If you "complete", when this next time you start the app, without any configuration will be reflected.
    ? If you choose to use different headset, run the "Reset" from the sub-menu, please reset from the beginning.

    * This application is not in apps like remodeling on par with expensive headphones cheap headphones. The last, and has become a quality application to the extent possible to compensate easily.

    * If you want to fine-tune more, please use the 5-band equalizer "5EQ" (free) app brother.

    * If you do not have a shape close to the headphone headphones you are using, if you select a type "overhead" to work without a problem.

    ● Tested on the Handsets below (Android4.0.4).

    Galaxy S III SC-06D
    Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E


    RAZR M 201M

    ● Check the operation of the models that have unstable (Android4.0.4).

       Xperia GX SO-04D

    ● Tested on the Handsets below (Android2.3.x).
    Xperia Arc SO-01C
    Galaxy S SC-02B
    Galaxy S II SC-02C
    Xperia Arc SO-01C
    Xperia Acro SO-02C
    Medius N-06C
    ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D

    Xperia Acro IS11S

    Desire X06HTⅡ
    Desire HD 001HT

    * Model behavior was confirmed, we will append.

    ◎ Note
    If you are running multiple other apps, you may be crashing behavior becomes unstable.
    If you want to kill is used to list apps in the press and hold the HOME button +], quit any other apps, please restart.
    You might encounter a situation when you launch the app terminates and repeat this, the end.
    If you want to kill is used to list apps in the press and hold the HOME button +], quit this app, please reboot.

    ● kan8apps page

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