G-Stomper Tonal-Synths-1 Pack



G-Stomper Tonal-Synths-1 Pack is an Add-On Pack for G-Stomper Studio (full version) and/or G-Stomper Rhythm (free).

Note: This package does NOT contain G-Stomper Studio (full version) and/or G-Stomper Rhythm (free).

For using this Sample-Pack, G-Stomper Studio (full version) or G-Stomper Rhythm (free) is required and must be installed on your device.


56 high quality Samples of 2 legendary Clavia Nord Synthesizers (16bit, 44.1kHz, Mono and Stereo)

All Synthesizer sounds are tuned to C in multiple Octaves (C1 - C7)
The number of available Octaves per Sound may vary across the Sounds.
Bass Sounds are typically in in lower Octaves, Lead Sounds in higher Octaves.

TS Nord2X (Clavia Nord Lead 2X)
TS Nord3 (Clavia Nord Lead 3)

IMPORTANT! Start the Content-Pack App and push the install button to install the new content to the G-Stomper folders.

Supports App2Sd

Minimum recommended device specs for running G-Stomper apps:
1000 MHz processor
800 * 480 screen resolution
Headphones or external speakers

SdCard read/write: used to install Samples and SoundSets

If you have any issues, please check the FAQs at http://www.planet-h.com/faq
For any further support join the Support Forum at: http://www.planet-h.com/gstomperbb/

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