George Acosta - Hacker



Release 2012-08-13
George Acosta Hacker

1.Hacker Original Mix
2.Hacker (George F & Tekkman Trikker Mix)
3.Hacker Droid Beats Remix

Dimitri Kechagias review:
Check out his fantastic new track entitled Hacker. The god of the decks is back with a stunning new release ready to become your prime time weapon for wide variety of styles and sets. Hacker is full on big room adventure but not for the weak hearted clubbers. It starts quite minimal until a rough dirty bassline is introduced to take us nice and slow in the first breakdown. Big epic trancy synthy melody with pizzicato piano sound is released and the hands will wave in the air. Just warm up your body engines please cause George is going to bring back his deadly meaty drum beats for an epic rough and smashing climax that will be a tough ride I can assure you. He also uses one of the coolest vocal samples back from the early rave days to remind you that the bouncer call the shots in the club. You hear it once you remember for ever. George F & Tekkman Trikker Mix goes the tech house direction with spanking tribal beats, wonky playful basslines and cheeky use of that "Not in The List" vocal sample. Relentless build up of soundlayers and continuous drive will keep the clubbers moving and shaking from a duo that lately produces awesome anthems. Last but not least the Droid Beats remix is the hardest version of the three included perfect for those moments that the clubbers are on their highest highs and you want another tune to send them even higher and keep them to their clouds above. Tougher techy drum beat adds more weight and extra body by following the original quite closely. What is noteworthy in it is the second main breakdown that the original theme of the track is replayed in a very different surprising twisted way until the beat to return and break the club speakers into pieces. Aco Music has in its pocket a sure Summer Festivals Favourite. Don't forget to cast your vote for George Acosta at the dj mag Top 100 djs list. He is one of the artists who works hard not only for him but to help out new talents as well and he deserves it. Love iT!

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