Go Live With Live 9



There's a reason why Ableton calls it "Live". Dive into this course and get all the inspiration you need to go live with Live 9...
Bill Burgess –one of our most popular Ableton trainers– is back with a deep look at what makes Live 9 both a performer’s instrument and creative production tool. And, in the process, you get a deep look at how Bill, in his wonderfully casual style, concocts his unusual musical worlds.

This course starts off with a deep look at Warping. You learn Bill’s warped techniques that he’s put into practice as a live performance maniac. Next up is audio and control surfaces. Here you get some basic tutorials on audio and how to optimize your audio interface. Then you learn how to set up the all important cue mix.. an essential piece of the live performance puzzle. From there you’re into controllerland where you learn about control surfaces, the crossfader and how to structure your levels.

The following section is all about using effects (FX). Here, Bill dives deep into the different EQs and filters. You also learn all about live performance Racks, Macros and Side Chaining. There so much more to this course, but why spoil it? Dive in see how Bill goes live-wild with Ableton Live 9!

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Table of contents:

1. Why Session View is Different
2. Clip Navigation
3. Mastering Tempo
4. Customize a Warp Template
5. Warping Basics
6. Advanced Warping
7. Warping Difficult Tracks
8. Creative Warping Techniques
9. Audio For Performers
10. Optimizing the Audio Interface
11. Set Up a Cue Mix
12. Control Surface Overview
13. The Crossfader
14. Controlling Levels
15. Basic DJ EQ's
16. Why Racks Are Different
17. Macros
18. Creative Effects Sends
19. Side Chaining
20. Making Effects Racks That Work On-Stage
21. Chain Selecting Samples On-The-Fly
22. Building One Fader, One Button Effects Racks
23. Transition Clips & Follow Actions
24. Structuring a Set

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