If you have any problem, please send me an email, because I CAN'T REPLY ON YOUR REVIEWS, so it's totally worthless for you to describe you problem there.

All bugs will be fixed as soon as possible!
If you get a crash, please report it can describe what you where doing when it occurred.

Tested on:
Android 2.3.3
Android 3.0-3.2
Android 4.0.1-4.0.4
Android 4.1.1-4.1.2
Android 4.2

This is an app for all music-lovers out there.
Listen to unlimited music for free.

Make your own playlist or log in to your GrooveShark account and get your playlists from there.

With functions like:
-Off-line mode (Cacheing) Currently only works for private playlists!
-Search for from song from artist
-Search for song from album
-Get playlists from GrooveShark account
-Storage GrooveShark playlists locally
-Create local playlists
-Search history
-ICS look in popups, seekbars and more
-Landscape mode
and more

I'm always adding new functions!
I'm currently working on:
Multi-select songs
and more.

Please try and leave a comment!

I am not related to Grooveshark™ in any way!

About accesses:

Internet: Well dah! Streaming audio needs Internet.

Record audio: Visualizer

Modify Audio setting: Equalizer

Phone state and identity: So it can get when a call is make or incoming and then pause the music.

Storage: Off-line mode

System tools: Prevents android from terminating the app when the screen turns off.

Please write comments in English, Swedish or German.
Nor Google Translate or Bing can translate it so it makes sense.

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