Guitar Chords (Free)



With a few clicks, Guitar Chords will locate and play any of these 420 chords with 6 voicings for each. Whether or not you are looking for a new way to play a D flat Major on your guitar, or are a jazz guitarist or progressive player who might be interested in seeing the fingerings and notes for 6 chord voicings of an F# 13th b5/b9 played with sound OF A flute or maybe a pipe organ, it should help your musical growth and creativity. The pro version has over 2,520 chord voicings with 128 instrument sounds to play the chord. The free version has minimal adds, 24 instruments ( 8 for various guitars), and 1,260 chords. It is also really east to upgrade the app to the pro version if desired. No adds, and many more choices of chord voicings and instruments. Although the app is primarily for guitar players, bass players can use the feature of dropping down the sound 1 or 2 octaves, where a clarinet player could increase up an octave. The tempo of the chord being played can be changes to be very fast, slow, or anywhere in the middle, The main point is that the app is really easy to use and helpful for finding that elusive voicing you have been looking for when you are composing something you really want to be unique.

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