Guitar Riffs Revealed



Guitar Riffs are brilliant - learn how increase your repertoire with this app that utilises 297 video tuitional lessons, guides and demos.

The first 36 Lessons are included:
Rock You Like a Hurricane guitar solo cover
Scorpions Hurricane Intro Lead Guitar Solo - How to Play Lead Guitar
ACDC Back In Black Lead Guitar Solos
Stairway To Heaven Lead Guitar Solo - Led Zep
Guitar Backing Track Lynard Skynard style Free Bird Guitar Solo Section Guitar Scale Chart
Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird Guitar Solo with tabs
Free Bird Guitar Cover Lynyrd Skynyrd Full Song
Blues Solo
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven solo cover
Stairway To Heaven Solo
Tenacious D - DudeI Totally Miss You Dual Guitar Cover
Dude I Totally Miss You Solo - Tenacious D
Tenacious D - Master Exploder Guitar Cover With Solos
Master Exploder Guitar Solo Lesson
Blues Guitar Lesson - How To Play Blues Guitar With 4 Notes
Easy Blues Guitar Lick - Quick Licks 5
Lead Guitar Lesson - Blues Must Know Lick
Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson - More Tasty Licks and Concepts
intermediate to advanced guitar lesson -Blues Soul RB Funk Jazz Progression
Easy Blues Guitar Lick - Quick Licks - 10
Guitar Lesson Eric Clapton Style Lick - Signature Licks Fender Stratocaster
Slow Blues Solo 1 - Advanced
Electric blues lead guitar lesson licks Gary Moore style
Learn to Play Lead Blues Guitar - Arpeggios To Spice Up Your Solos
CCr - Suzie Q - Rock and Blues Guitar Lesson - How to Play on Guitar - Gibson SG
100 Riffs A Brief History of Rock N Roll
100 Riff Lessons Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne
100 Riffs Lesson Dont Fear The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
100 Riffs Lesson Barracuda by Heart
100 Riffs Lesson Daytripper by The Beatles
100 Riffs Lesson Cruel by St Vincent
100 Riffs Lesson Even Flow by Pearl Jam
100 Riffs Lesson Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix
100 Riffs Lesson Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
100 Riff Lesson Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

And the remaining ones can easily be added.

Cool Metal Guitar Riffs 7 - Papyrus- by Armand
Blues Guitar Riff
back to eden guitar riffs
Basic Guitar Riffs Hybrid Guitar Picking Tips
Learn Electric Guitar Lessons - How To Play Under the Bridge - Easy Guitar Riffs
RHYTHM GUITAR Classic Metal - Riffs of Doom
Doug Seven Guitar - Hot Guitar licks Riffs Chicken Picken
Top Ten Easiest Guitar Riffs 610 - Seven Nation Army The White Stripes Easy Guitar Lesson
Learn Electric Guitar Lessons - How To Play Cocaine - Easy Guitar Riffs
Jammin on guitar riffs
Easy Guitar Riffs for beginners with Tabs
EXTREME Country Blues Guitar Licks and Riffs Doug Seven
Lick of week lesson learn guitar lead riffs in Frusciante Bettencourt styles
INTO ETERNITY - The Riffs for Nothing Guitar lesson
Acoustic Guitar Lessons E Blues Riff Tab Included
Shredding Guitar solos
Open G Slide Guitar Lesson Riffs licks How to play
Groovy guitar riff
Made Of Hate - Pathogen - Guitar Riffs Preview
Cool Country Blues Riffs Acoustic Guitar
A funk Guitar Riff on Bass Guitar
Killer Riffs iPhone Guitar App - 40 Riffs with Tab Video
Cool Acoustic Guitar Riffs in C Major A Minor
slash - guitar lesson 1 - rock riff
Top 10 Best Guitar Riffs In History Of Rock
How to Play Riffs from Rock Band on Guitar More on Playing In Bloom by Nirvana
Iron Maiden Best Guitar Riffs
Rock Roll Video Riffs 1964 to 1975
How to Play Riffs from Rock Band on Guitar Playing Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash
How to Play Riffs from Rock Band on Guitar Playing Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
Guitar Lesson The Metal Riff
Fear Factory - Guitar Lesson Riffs
Learn easy songs and create your own riffs in Drop D tuning beginner alternate tuning guitar lesson
How to Play Riffs from Rock Band on Guitar Playing Say it Aint So by Weezer

and many many more

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