Guitar tuner (FREE)



Guitar Tunings - Guitar tuner reference (FREE).
Interactive guitare reference tool.

Easy to use great for beginners.
Guitar tuner reference app - 20 TUNINGS including 12 string & bass.
12 OPEN TUNINGS - Rolling Stones, Dylan, Celtic, Hendrix / Zeppelin guitare, Nick Drake & more.

Open D, Open G, Open E, Open A, Drop D, Low C, DADGAD, BEBEBE, Eb/D# , CGCFGD, CGCFCE, GGDGBD, All Fourths,Open C6 (Zepp) & Open D6 - pitch reference guitar tuner. EASY TO USE - match the tones to your guitare strings with a sound - as with tuning a fork… 20 tunings in total.

This app won't do your guitare tuning for you, that's not the idea, but it will introduce a selection of usable and interesting guitare tunings .

Handy guitar tuner reference to help with ear training for tuning.

Part of the iJangle collection of chord, scale & guitare tuner applications (FREE).

Multilingual: French, English, Spanish and German, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Hindi, Chinese.

♦ Permissions are for serving advertisements and to enable storing of the app on a memory card for your convenience.

♦ To help you get a free app and keep me developing more free apps and updates, I unfortunately rely on advertising. Thanks for your understanding and hopefully it won't spoil your experience.

♦ There is a version with no ads available for a small fee if you prefer.

♦ Created by independant developer: Graham M Smith (aka Madster Ltd).

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