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    An easy-to-use accurate audio/visual tuner for your guitar.

    Provides a simple interface to visually check whether the pitch for each string is low or high, and lets you "see" the pitch change as you wind/unwind the string tuning machines. Tuning has never been easier.

    Shows exactly how many cents (1/100ths of a semitone) a note is out-of-tune.

    ★ Extremely accurate - within 1 cent (1/100th of a semitone) of each note with sub-second response time.
    ★ Developed in Austin, Texas, the "Live Music Capital of the World".
    ★ Use the standard tuning E-A-D-G-B-E or one of many alternate tunings: regular tunings such as Minor Third, special tunings such Drop D, open tunings such Open C, lower tunings, and higher tunings.
    ★ Adjust pitch incrementally from 400 to 480 Hz or up/down a half/full step from A440. (The International Organization for Standardization specifies the frequency for the note A in the treble stave as 440 Hz. ISO 16:1975).
    ★ Tap to hear an accurate note if tuning by ear instead of using visual tuning.
    ★ Enable/disable Auto-string-detect (not recommended for noisy environments).

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