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Choose from 7 backing tracks to solo over, and play with features like fast-play, bending, hammer-on and pull-off. A great fun guitar simulator app for playing solos, see the featured video for some idea of what you can expect from HammerOn Guitar. HammerOn Guitar specialises in guitar solos, it is not designed for playing chords or reading tabs. You play it with a hammer-on action -- no picking or plucking.

Other features include:
Configurable Effects Rack (Compressor, Distorter, Wah Wah, Flanger, Chorus, Delay).
Whammy Bar /Tremolo Bar.
Feedback Effects
Neck Scaling for large screens.
Option for 5 or 7 frets.

For feedback effect, turn the distortion all the way up, then hold a note for a long time -- then tilt the phone back toward you for the whammy effect to kick in. Now your smoking!

The app works well on multi-touch phones -- 3 or more touches are best, but it can be played at reduced speed on a one touch phone. The exception to this at present is the bend feature that currently only supports one touch for the duration of the bend.

The backing tracks are there as an instant jam-partner -- on the bus, in the airport just jam away and your phone never gets tired of playing chords. Of course, if you don't like the backing tracks you can just turn them off and solo over some song on the media player (may create lag on older, low-spec phones).

If you have any issues, or desire new features, please email suggestions to the Developer Email address.

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