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Hapi Podcast J is a fork of the popular Hapi Podcast podcatcher with an updated UI and a few new features and settings.
* Search and subscribe to RSS feeds, or directly enter a feed URL.
* View and manage Channels and Episodes.
* Free and Open Source.
As compared to the original Hapi Podacst, this version has:
UI Changes:
* New home screen.
* Channel activities are grouped, with tabs.
* Episode activities are grouped, with tabs.
* New state icons for episodes.
* State icons are consistent among all screens that show episode state.

* New commands in Episode popup menu: "Add To Playlist" and "View Channel".
* Player now has a Rewind ("instant replay") button.
* "Keep" is now a separate flag that can be applied to an episode in any state.
* More state icons provide better information about the state of each episode.
* Title bar includes icon to return to home screen.
* The Episode details screen includes more details, and a full menu.
* New Channel details screen.
* You can now ask for up to 500 old episodes.

Bug Fixes
* More mp3 files are recognized.

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