Headset Ringtone Manager Lite



    This is headset ringtone manager application for users who want to listen to ringtone of headset only.(Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.)

    While wearing the headset, it blocks ringtone of speaker only.
    Usage is simple. please run the service after installation.

    * Support Phone ringtones and SMS, MMS notifications.

    * Support Bluetooth headset.

    * Auto Ringer Mode : In order to block ringtone of the speaker, it change ringer mode to vibrate or silent mode automatically when wearing the headset.

    [Notification Manager]

    - Support the notification of third-party app.(KakaoTalk, LINE, Hangouts, WhatsApp Messenger, WeChat, ChatON, Facebook Messenger, etc)

    - Android 4.3 or higher required. (LG unsupported)

    [Lite version limitations]

    1.Ringtone can not be changed.

    2.Unsupport for Bluetooth.


    * You must run the service, in order to operate service after the installation.

    * Please remeber that the service should not be killed by Task Manager or Advanced Task Killer.

    * You should set the ringer mode to silent or vibrate mode for blocking the ring of speaker.

    * In case of Bluetooth, it will sound the beep instead of ringtone.

    * MMS support requirement : Your device must use OMA-MMS.

    * Android 4.3 or later, Headset Ringtone Manager service is always displayed in the notification bar.

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