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    ⚝⚝ This App DOES NOT download music ⚝⚝

    You ever wanted to have all the current hits in a playlist on your phone? This app allows you to select a music chart and then sync that chart with the songs in your music library. It will identify the songs that you have and allow you to search your local library for the songs it didn't find. When you have synced all the songs, you can then export the chart to a music playlist so that you can playback the music chart.

    This app will allow you to quickly see which songs you have and which songs are missing.

    The steps to use this app include...
    1. Select a music chart
    2. Sync the chart with you local music library
    3. Manually link any missing songs that you know are in your library.
    4. Export a playlist of the matched songs

    If you have other Music charts that you'd like to see added, then feel free to post a comment and a rating and we'll see about adding new charts.

    If you experience problems then please email us before posing a negative review. You can contact us using the Email Developer link on the Google Play page for this app.

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