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Hot Karaoke is new application developed by VINICORP as free software.
It includes main features as following:

- You can search over 22.000 Vietnamese and English songs whether only with code, name, or a part of lyrics of the song. Specify, you can input them as Vietnam language or not.
- You can record, read the lyrics at the same time, and play again if you want.
- The application supports searching quickly and marking favorite songs or record songs, allows setting up the speed of song lyrics by hand.
- This application can be installed on the memory card (SD-card) or internal memory.

And an important feature of this application is that allows integrating records to 19008612’s exchange system as following step:

- Step 1: To use the feature, write: [DK VOV3 Yourname ] to 8705. For example, your name is Ngoc Anh, you write "DK VOV3 NgocAnh" to 8705. Please waiting a little, you will receive a code to join system.
- Step 2: The next, write [MS Join code Songname] to 8705 to choose the song which you like. For example, your join code is 001 and you want the song "Tình mẹ". You create message: [MS 001 Tinhme]. Note: The name of song is unsigned and consecutive.
- Step 3: After then, calling to 19008612 to try singing. You use the registered phone number to call to 19008612, press branch 1 and follow the instruction. Hot radio system will check and recall to the person reached the requirements.
- To vote to your favorite voice, write [BC_Votecode] to 8305. For example: to vote for the voice 001, write [BC 001] to 8305. The person who gets the highest vote rate will be published directly on the radio next week. Reward is 200.000VND and will be added to him phone account.

*) Permission:
- Record: Allow to record your voice to listen again.
- Phone Call: Allow to integrate when you want to share your voice on the VOV system.
- C2DM: Allow to send notification when the software is updated.

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