It's burp time!




    This application contains 12 different burp sounds so you can listen to them at any time, without a data connection!

    Want to have fun with your friends? Maybe listen to a burp version of Jingle Bells? Whatever the reason you have, you will get a nice collection of burp sounds.

    Apart from playing them, you can also do the following:
    -Define a set of sounds as favorites, so you can access them quickly.
    -Define them as notification, phone, alarm or contact ringtones.
    -Send them through WhatsApp, e-mail or MMS.
    -Add sounds as widgets on the desktop.
    -Play random sounds.
    -Use the Prank Mode to have fun with your friends. Place your phone in a specific spot and the sound will play when you (or your friend) move your phone slightly.

    If you are searching for a more generic nasty sounds application, you can check "Nasty Sounds", which has these and many more sounds (farts, vomit, diarrhea, spit, etc.)

    WARNING! Widgets will only work if the application is installed on the internal memory! If you install it on the SD card, you will not be able to add any widget, and the existing ones may show errors or disappear (it's not our fault, Android works this way).

    Permissions explanation:
    -Modify SD/USB storage contents: to be able to copy it to the SD card or USB storage and write temporary files when sharing sounds
    -Total Internet access and view network state: AdMob ads, anonymous statistics and access to the "Most popular" list
    -Read and write contacts data: to be able to set ringtones for specific contacts (we don't do anything more with your contacts!)
    -Modify system settings: to be able to set ringtones

    Versions note:
    -Users with Android 2.2 or newer have access to the latest version.
    -Users with Android 2.1 have access to version (23/08/2012), newer versions are not compatible.

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