iTuner Deluxe Radio Pro

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    Now you can listen to your favorite radio stations from all over the globe. With over 30,000 radio stations in 80 countries, iTuner Deluxe is the largest, most listened-to radio app in the world.

    You can listen to different genres – rock, jazz, pop, comedy, whatever you want, any time you want it. You can even listen to world news and sports updates. How cool is that?

    The iTuner Deluxe BETA VERSION is the best FREE radio app for your Android Phone.

    The Search Function lets you enjoy music from every corner of the globe. You can now dance to the beats of Saharan Africa or tune into the jazz stations to listen to the relaxing music of the saxophone. Aside from picking your favorite radio station manually, you can search by CITY, COUNTRY, GENRE or ARTIST.

    - Personalize your iTuner by adding radios to your favorites list
    - Share your passion for music through Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS
    - Having problems with the app? Directly send an email to our support line
    - Listen to your favorite radio station in the background while sending an email or playing games.
    - Optimized for 3G and WiFi

    ★ UPGRADE to PRO
    iTuner Deluxe BETA VERSION Pro features real-time recording of your favorite tracks.
    - Listen to your saved music offline
    - Listen to music in peace – no distracting ads

    Some stations will not work when their streaming service is offline. Please don’t flame us for it.

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