Jean Calvert



Jazz & blues singer. Also a freelance writer. Currently working on a non-fiction book. Also write ad copy, commercials, jingles, songs, brochures, newspaper and magazine articles.

Bio: Inspired by Betty Boop, Darla on the Little Rascals, and Shirley Temple, all of whom sang and danced, I began performing at the age of 3 in church and at school. There was always music in the house, much of it from the wonderful Great American Songbook. It was while I lived in New York City that I got to see so many living legends up-close-and-personal. Then I was a gone cat!
Sounds like: I’ve been compared to Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, June Christie, Diana Krall.
Band size: Anything from a duo to a full orchestra.

Tags: darla and betty boop