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We are a LOCALLY BASED online radio station right here in conyers, Ga. " JUST 4 FUN RADIO .com " is our name. We play great music 24/7 & love to play local bands as well. The reason for Just 4 Fun Radio is to give the people a voice to say what they want - when ever they want & to talk about what ever they want. PLUS YOU WILL LAUGH UR BUTT OFF AT ALL THE FUNNY STUFF HAPPENING OVER HERE .....This is a place where we are all equal & we all have a voice to be heard, where big business has no control over our freedom of speech, which is given to us by The Constitution of the United States and this is an example of our 1st and 14th Amendments.
This is something that I believe has been given to us by the people from our past, that fought for us to have this freedom we like to live by today ……
So come over to the dark side and join in on the crazy talk on just 4 fun radio @ http://www.just4funradio.com

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