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    Kalyko was born Kory Wilson on March 5, in Lakenheath, England on a military base. At the age of 3 he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where his family originated. Kalyko started rapping during elementary school and began meeting and recording with producer Sparkz at the age of 13. Kalyko is more than just a rapper, he is an entertainer. He writes his own lyrics and hooks and tells a story within all his works. His drive and determination, along with a vibrant personality is what separates him from others. "This is what I do, I love music and the culture, it's in my veins. I bleed music verses and music notes."

    In 2008 after attending the University of Cincinnati for 2 years Kalyko decided to drop out to focus more on what he loves & began performing locally, where he would do a lot of opening acts and some features. He started a record label/ brand in 2011 called "Hard Werk Entertainment" and released several club bangers, such as "Amber Rose", "Walk To Me", and "Get It". His single "Get It" is on several radio stations, satellite radio, mixtapes, and Music Choice channels and even peeked at #5 on the Billboard Charts.

    Kalyko has worked alongside artists’ such as Gorrilla Zoe & Jarvis where he co-wrote the singles "Papered Up", "Crazy", and "Tell Em". Kalyko has several mixtapes available online via and, such as Hard Werk, Cincikaly, Cincikaly 2, Hard Werk TV. Kalyko's self-titled LP, Kalyko, is also available for purchase on digital download

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