*(This live stream is only available if you are located on the Hawaii Islands)

Aloha and Welcome!

For as long as we can remember the Hawaiian air has been filled with music.
Early Hawaiian's used the art of arranging sounds in time to pass knowledge from generation to generation, to celebrate special occasions and to honor those we hold dear.

KCCN FM100 resonates to the beat of Hawaiian music as it continues to evolve to reflect the people of today.

We hope you enjoy our new Android app as much as we enjoyed building it for you. Now you can listen to our station live from anywhere in the world, get the latest traffic information, access the hottest local deals for dining and shopping, and follow our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

KCCN FM100 is part of the Cox Media Group family of companies.


*Listen to KCCN FM100 from Anywhere!
*Danielle Tucker Traffic Report!
*On-Air Talent Listings!
*Events From KCCN's RSS Feed!
*Share Photos with KCCN!
*View Local Deals and Coupons On the Islands!

Update v1.1.3

*Urgent fix for Promo Coupons

Update v1.1.4

*Fix a bug with Radius select not properly setting the Radius.

*Fixed issue with Top 10 deals getting locked out when coupons refresh in background.

Update v1.1.6

Made a fix for the force close that happends when player fails to play.

(Manny of these problems come from signal strength and or specific devices that have troubles playing streams. If it fails, it should prompt you to use another player for the stream, sometimes that will work)

Updated UI Graphics.

Local Deals section has had allot of updates for performance and stability. If there are deals in your area, it will show up on the player screen, so be sure to check it out and save some money.

Update v1.2.0

*User Interface Updates.

*Fixed traffic report link

*Made some edits to help music stream work better.

*Updated local deals section and added a coupon book.

Update v1.2.0

*Bug fixes for crashing issue!

*Added better error handling to prevent crashes due to media player's instability during network connection issues.

*This error can happen when attempting to press play, pause, or close the app while the media player is attempting to connect to the streaming server.

Update v1.2.1

*Startup Sequence fix, should not hang when location providers are disabled.

*Radius settings fixed for more accurate search results.

Update v1.2.2

*Fix Top 10 offers issue with loading properly in some cases.

*Fixed issue with some offers not loading properly in some cases.

Update v1.2.3

*App will now pause for phone calls made and received.

*updated to support Android 4.2 on tablets and phones

Update v1.2.4

*Fix for current and previous track playing display.

*Improvements to media player system. (May still have issues cutting in and out occasionally, this would be due to how some Android devices deals with the streaming server).

*Added support for 317 more Android devices.

***Your comments help me allot; if you encounter more force closes, please include what you experienced in the error report and I will get right on fixing it. Thank you to all of you who sent comments with crash reports*** :)

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