Little Darling Player



A powerful music player for your darling.
Would you ever imagine that someday you can go with your girl friend or boy friend or even your wife or husband in path, hand in hand, sharing one music and expatiate whisper? Maybe it has so long time that you stay together with each other and are accustomed to the existence of both, lack of passionate for your current life. You may just suppose that may be this is the real life.
No matter where you are, life is some kind of same with the routine activates, such as eating, working or sleeping. But how can you make it different and live your life with high quality? It is a big book for you to read.
Little Darling Player lets you regain your original feeling with your another part, changing your life attitude and improving your life quality.
1. New add "Like" allows you to collect your favorite ones together under one column. Just press the button on the playing list.
2.Spectrum analyzer: When you listen a song or music, it will show you the spectrum on the playing screen. Seeing it, you may feel that your hear beating can move or change with it. Believe it or not, try it! Remember that not everyone can have the gift to feel that, only for the doomed ones.
3.Play modes for you to select. Follow your inclinations to switch the mode among single play, cycle play, all play and random play. And Pause and play, the next one and the last one and the playing progress can be controlled during your experience.
4.Lyrics synchronization: Enjoy your music with Lyrics synchronization is realized in this app.
5.Record: every memory in your brain can fade away with time. So record your together time with voice as a way for memorial. Someday later, when you look back, all will be fresh for you.
6.Edit a piece of music for your daring is available here. Easy to edit, you just set a start time and end time and it will edit automatically.
PS: Like other music players in the market, it has some deficiencies. For example, it only supports mp3 music. However, there is no fear, since Mp3 is one of the most popular one for the moment. For which, we are striving hard on it. If you have any problem, feel free to email us! Also share with your friends with this free music player.
With Our Little Darling Player, spare more time with your darling and your loved one, enjoy your life.
Get it for free now. Hope you can fully enjoy your time with your darling.