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Learn the art of Drum & Bass production, using Logic! This tutorial is produced by D&B pioneer, Nigel Broad.

In this new tutorial by veteran Drum & Bass producer Nigel Broad, you'll learn how a top selling composer/producer makes extraordinary dance music using Logic. Nigel is well known as one of the original innovators in the D&B scene. Having grown up in England and as executive producer and head of A&R for legendary D&B label Contagious Records, Nigel pioneered many of the techniques that give this pulsating music its legendary sound. And speaking of Contagious, this tutorial is sooo contagious that I not only watched it several times in a row I had to run to my studio to try out some of Nigel’s awesome Logic tricks!

Drum and bass music has evolved into many different sub-genres over the years and Nigel's personal style has evolved too. In this tutorial, Confessions of a Drum and Bass Producer, he showcases a much more contemporary D&B sound; It’s more sophisticated, yet still contains essential elements of his early British dance chart hits.

However there’s more to this tutorial besides its amazing content and that’s the utterly enjoyable experience of listening to Nigel who, like a friend, humorously reveals his treasure trove of production secrets.

So welcome Nigel Broad to our NonLinear Educating family of trainers and experience this awesome 3-Hour tutorial showing the unique process of creating a Drum & Bass production in Logic.

Table of contents:

1. Introducing Nigel Broad
2. Intro to the Course
3. Kick-Start the Creative Process
4. Getting Organized
5. Setting Up Logic
6. Organizing Loop and Sample Libraries
7. Some Options for Creating a Beat
8. Pro’s and Con’s of Using Drum Loops
9. Finding the Right Tempo
10. The Only Rule is “There is No Rules”
11. Soft Synths vs. Hardware Synths
12. A Word About “Option Overload”
13. Laying Down a Bass Line
14. Finding a Better Bass Sound
15. Adding a Sequence Part
16. Tweaking the Sequence
17. Adding a Chord Pad?
18. In Need of a Bridge
19. Adding a Little “Icing”
20. A Word About “Songwriter’s Block”
21. Coming Back to the Track - Adding Another Part
22. A 16 Bar Loop Is Not a Song!
23. Extending Our 16 Bar Loop
24. A Rough Arrangement
25. We’ve Already Come a Long Way - Some Thoughts
26. Time for a Vocal?
27. Time to Ditch That Name?
28. Packaging Up the Track for a Lyricist/Vocalist
29. Working with a Lyricist/Vocalist
30. Importing the Temp Vocal
31. Finalizing our Arrangement
32. Time to Ditch That Name, Finally!
33. Recording a Lead and Background Vocal
34. Back at Home Base, Importing the Vocals into Logic
35. Organizing Vocal Takes and Tracks
36. Taking a Break, an Overview of Where We Are
37. Separating out the Drums
38. Adding Fills and Variations
39. Loop Slicing
40. Editing and Arranging the Drums
41. Creating “Key Kicks”
42. Creating a Vocal Stutter
43. Cleaning Up (Part 1)
44. Cleaning Up (Part 2)
45. Listening to the Rough Mix
46. Bussing the Drums
47. Bussing the Vocals
48. Setting Up Sends
49. Grouping the Vocals
50. Mixing the Kick
51. Mixing the Bass
52. More Mixing
53. Mixing the Vocals
54. Mixing the Mallets
55. Finishing Touches on the Drums
56. Finishing Touches on the Vocals
57. Finishing Touches
58. Final Thoughts ...

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