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--It is already popular app which over 1,300,000 downloads for iphone--
-Music player App for Android「Lyrica」-

Lyrica is a music player to deliver lyrics and song information to faster than any other lyrics music player App.
※also some new songs are sent to you before CD release.
If you listen to the music with Lyrica from your Android phone, you will feel a little happier than usual.

▼Practice of karaoke
▼Share your music with someone
★Show new lyrics before its release which is the fastest in Japan
★Corresponds 710,000 songs (largest in Japan)
※120,000 Japanese songs, 590,000 import songs

・Music playback
・Display the number of people whom listening to the same music in same time
・Bookmark lyrics
・Connect with the song and lyrics on manually
・Easily post to twitter about the song which your are playing
・Search on amazon
・You can create your playlist on Lyrica
・Play a music with random or repeat
・Show the all music jacket on 1page

【Achievements of Lyrica for iphone】
・Over 1,250,000 downloads
・Play over 15,000,000 songs per month
・Corresponds 710,000 songs (120,000 Japanese songs, 590,000 import songs)
・Achieved Top 1 of all free music applications of 「iTunes Rewind 2010」in the App Store
・Lyrica was introduced as favorite apps of an exclusively model of fashion magazine「non-no」
・Lyrica was introduced by website Gizmodo Japan, AppleFan!, lifehacker, appbank,and CatchApp
・let's sing a song with Lyrica!!

let's sing a song with Lyrica!!

※If you have any problems or have comments or suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at,or find us at @lyrica8000 on Twitter and we will do our best to assist you.

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