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*** WARNING! Multiple people have reported that this app does not work for them anymore. Please try it on some well-know song first so you can get refund in such case. I will work on some other workaround. ***

If you live outside North America, you might not even know, that SoundHound contains LiveLyrics feature, which shows you synchronized scrolling lyrics as the recognized song plays. However, this feature is not available outside USA and Canada. Therefore I decided to do something about that, and this is the result. Now you can also enjoy LiveLyrics in Europe, Asia, or anywhere else. Just run Lyrics Enabler instead of the SoundHound app.

You should know a few things about this app:

-You need to have SoundHound installed (either Free or Paid version, doesn't matter) in order to make it work. No, I won't make it for Shazam.

-Make sure that you do not run SoundHound before Lyrics Enabler. If you do, close SoundHound first, or it won't work.

-The lyrics will only show up if they are available in SoundHound, so test it on some well-known older hits first.

-You can immediately start the recognition by holding down Search button for a while. Launcher shortcut is also available.

-The app is not guaranteed to work with future updates of SoundHound. I will do my best to keep it working, but if I cannot make it, there will be no refunds after they block it. If you want to be 100% sure that you won't lose your money, dont't buy it :-).

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