Magic Ukulele



Want some new sound game – get bored of your bass guitar, electro guitar or acoustic guitar? Change your musical instrument – music creation, music app, realistic sound effects – make music with Magic Ukulele! Hawaiian guitar!

You can sing the songs using Magic Ukulele music paradise! Any music style you want - reggae, country, rock, classic music, folk, ethnic music – perform it! Sound app for musicians and beginners. In this ukulele player app choose a song you like and play it by yourself tapping in the places where the music notes appear. Great unusual sounding – you don’t need ukulele tuner or guitar tuner apps! If you like guitar hero game you will enjoy it!

Magic Ukulele music instrument features:
- High-quality sounds
- Melodies at your choice
- Easy gameplay
- User-friendly interface

Magic Ukulele – make your own Hawaiian style music band or learn ukulele guitar playing ! Enjoy music now!