This is a classical metronome.
I made much of basic function (precise tempo,metronome-like sound,easy-use,etc...). A tempo uses the most accurate function.
1. The choice of the Start / Stop.
The choice of Start/Stop is possible with the button of lower left.
2. Adjustment of the tempo.
You can adjust the tempo by touching the pendulum and sliding it up or down.
A list of tempo marks is displayed when you touch the "Marks" button. You can set a tempo by touching the tempo mark which is near to your tempo desired.
3. Adjustment of the rhythm.
You can adjust the rhythm by touching indication and sliding it left or right. (0=Weak-beat only. And 2-9 time.)
4. Choice of the beat-tone.
You can choose some beat-sound in another view. If you touched the “!” button of lower-right a config-view will appear. You can choose three kinds of tone (low / middle / high) for the both beat (strong / weak).
5. Display of the Help screen.
A help screen is shown by touching a "Help" button of the Config-view.

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