It is a free app Official Misato.
    In 2011, belongs to the TruStee Records.
    Is "Boom Boom Song" original music through gigs in Tokyo in December of the same year
    The compilation album "SECOND SESSION".

    She began working on the machine a band of music at the school festival.
    Activities-based solo live house main street and with a focus on the Susukino,
    Colton Street and live in houses, such as Internet radio currently in Tokyo.
    Listed the original music was built on HOUSEMUSIC
    Powerful voice and unique sense of rhythm out there stage four,
    He also own lyrics to the motto that love to share the music listener and Kido.
    While appearing on various festivals, such as FM radio and at local Sapporo
    Also participated in the "Sapporo Snow Festival".
    No doubt that the love! By all means, please ask.

    Contents in
    Title hermit crab
    Hermit crab - the first track
    Hermit crab - Track 2 (Instrumental)

    The application function
    · You can use simple operation easy for everyone.
    · I listen to while reading the lyrics because they are also included.
    • The graphic equalizer function
    I enjoy varied to your liking, the songs sound.

    Operating environment
    • Since Android OS 2.3.
    However, this does not mean you're guaranteed to work on all terminals.

    Capacity of the application is about 15MB.
    For the following, please check the time of download.
    One. Terminal space
    Please have more of free 15MB.
    Stored on the SD card as standard. If the SD card is not mounted
    It is stored in the terminal body.
    2. Radio wave condition
    I recommend that you download under Wi-Fi.
    If you use, please do so in a location with good signal conditions the line 3G.
    Music, images, etc. are included, you can not play outside and view this app.
    And other intellectual property rights and copyright concerning work that is included in this application (such as the work of the other software, music, data, images, documents),
    Other rights are protected by copyright law and other laws.
    Work such as that contained in this application, you can not without the permission of the copyright holder, etc., do replication, adaptation, distribution, public transmission etc..

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