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    Music is moving and flying with mobile music player for your Android!


    1.Christmas theme creates a atmosphere for holiday. For Christmas, every where you can feel this atmosphere, so there is with no exception of your device.

    2.Handy free for your Android. With it, enjoy music everywhere. Let your music and emotions moving and flying with you.

    3.With a record: allows you to record any desired voice. Baby's cry and laugh, family's enjoyment or friends' happiness, record whatever you like.

    4.Edit your music is available. Edit what you have recorded and the music in your phone as a present or for some special moment. It is a time to show your personality.

    5.Exit by tap, which is easy and simple and to some degree, save you a lot of time.

    6. Lyrics supported. If there is the songs with lyrics, the lyrics can be displayed on the playing screen.

    7. Support the popular music formats-Mp3.


    1. Categorized by the Artist and Album. In each column, you can view your music all.

    2. Playlist is to show you desired music ready to play. For the playlist, you can add music from local, which search for the items automatically. Long pressed the term in the playlist to delete it if you like. You can also clear all and add a new playlist. Do whatever you like and just let it to meet your need.

    3.Create your favorite list in "like". On the playing page, click the icon of "Like" button. Therefore, the next time only to listen the ones that you love.

    4.Four modes for you to select: single play, random play, all play and cycle play. You know what type you will choose, do not you?

    5.To control the playing progress, you just slide the progress bar. Pause, play, the next one and the last one for you to manage your experience.

    6. Added the function of Spectrum Analyze.When you listen to the music, you can see the spectrum of each song. So that it will Add more aesthetic feeling and enjoy more music.

    As we all know that in traditional meaning, music player means recorder player and phonograph. Music or songs are recorded in a record and played by a recorded. To enjoy music with the specific tool and with the limitation of space and time. Later, comes the MP3 and Mp4 music player, which is so expensive that can not be caught by everyone. As an old saying goes, if you want to require or obtain something, you must pay for it. Therefore, it is a block for people to enjoy music. But now, we have more channels and ways to listen to music. For instance, we can search our favorite music on the Internet. There are music websites available to get endless music materials.

    Online music player, free music player download and other music players are enriched our daily life. With Android developing, the music listening and enjoy can be moved on your palm.

    Mobile Music Player help you make it. Like it? Download it here for free now and support us if you like.

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