Modo - Computer Music Player




    Allows you to playback some 8 / 16 bit computer music. Hear your favourite computer tunes on the go.

    How to use

    * Simple, copy your tunes on your sdcard / internal memory. Start Modo and browse to the directory and touch the file.

    * To terminate the playback service, pause the music and hit the back button.


    • Sleep timer
    • Shuffle
    • Loop
    • Volume boost
    • HVSC #63 songlength database builtin
    • Zip file browsing (warning: requires more RAM, do not use on low memory situation as player is more prone to get killed because of bigger memory footprint).

    Files supported

    • Tracker modules: MOD, XM, IT, S3M, MED (only MDD0/MDD1), OKT
    • Commodore C64 (Stereo-SID supported): SID, MUS
    • Nintendo: GBS, NSF, NSFE, SPC, RSN
    • Sega Mega Drive / Master System: GYM, VGM (no FM), VGZ
    • Atari / Amstrad CPC / Spectrum (+TurboSound): SAP, AY, YM
    • Msx / PC-Engine: KSS, HES


    The playlists are stored in the internal storage of the phone. It is using SQLite3+ provided by each Android phone. Google cloud backup support is implemented, to activate go to Phone settings->Privacy/Backup->Backup up my data.

    If your phone is rooted you can simply backup the app data by using e.g. Titanium Backup.

    If you have questions you can contact me at

    Enjoy some nice tunes!

    Misc Resources
    * Example playlist -
    * AYGOR - Great AY collection -

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