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    Mood radio client for mobile

    (Please note that this is not an official stereomood product. All rights about playlists and music belongs to

    Provides easy access to Stereomood playlists via mobile phone.

    Stereomood is the emotional internet radio that provides music that best suits your mood and your activities and personalized playlists for specific emotions and events.

    Where ever you go, what ever you do, how ever you feel, there is always emotion to describe your feeling. Stereomood is and internet radio which brings best songs for your emotion - for free!

    Stereomood mobile uses playlists for best suitable music to your mood or activity. Original playlists - tuning my emotions.

    Including moods: digital, happy, calm, in love, sleepy and much much more!

    Including activities: relax, studying, reading, make love and plenty more!

    Legal: This is a 3rd party application, neither sponsored or supported by website. The app uses the API provided by, which can be changed and is not under control of the author of this app

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