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MosaiqueMusic provides a unique catalog of music, specially designed for for films, television productions, video games, advertising campaigns or other projects along with services that gives you the possibility to have powerful and original music at your command.

While these songs are matching the trends forged by the demands of the markets, in the same time they all have a little twist in them, so they can not be considered as usual or typical music. Our catalog includes beautiful, dramatic, emotional, high impact pieces as well as raging rock, distorted electronics, and BIG epic, orchestral choir pieces, which guarantee that your project will have the most powerful effect.

Are you missing something? You like the catalogs but can not find the right song? Than let us know the details and we will compose a custom song for You right after your taste and instructions.
Or if you found the perfect song but it is too short? Or too long? Need rather a piano instead of strings? Or you want to have it completely electronically, without symphonic instruments? Let us know and we will do the necessary arrangements for You!

Contact us via mail or any social media publishers!
Listen, track, sample, follow, Like and even more are/will be available through this app.!

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