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Rename MP3 / W4A file using music file tag information (Song Name & Artist Name). *** NO Adv. ***

You have many MP3 / W4A music files with unreadable filename that convert from other format or download from apps / Internet. Apps can help you to batch renaming MP3 / W4A files using music tag information (Song Name & Artist Name).

Apps features:
- Batch renaming MP3 / W4A files.
- 3 filename styles for batch rename process :
1. [Song Name] - [Artist Name]
2. [Artist Name] - [Song Name]
3. [Song Name]
- User can rename a file with own style (using Song Name & Artist Name).

Apps request one access control only : Read / Write SD card (Rename MP3 / W4A file)
*** Apps NO advertising ***

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