MU-TON -Ringtone Library-



MU-TON is a convenient application for easy and automatic setting of sounds within the application as ringtones, notification tones and alarm tones of the terminal. You can also set ringtones individually.
In addition, you can have fun with the "Action" function, which allows you to play sounds by tapping/rubbing the screen or shaking/tilting the terminal.(Action-enabled sounds only)
With this application, you will never run out of sounds! Multiply your fun by adding sound libraries. We will be adding many more libraries soon, so don't miss them!

---Available languages---

---Application price---
Free of charge

---Additional libraries---
(Trial listening of all sounds is possible from within the application)
・Alarm Ringtone Library1
・Baby Soothing Sound Library1
・Basic elec. sound library1/2/3/4/5
・Bossa Nova Library1
・Christmas Music Box Library1
・Classical Music Library1/2/3
・Classical Trance Library1
・Electronic Classical Library1
・Electropop Library1
・Game Sound Library1
・Healing Library1/2
・Hip Hop Library1/2
・Horror Sound Library1
・Japanese Style Sound Library1
・Jazz Library1
・Joke Sound Library1
・Music Box Library1/2/3/4/5/6/7
・Musical Instrument Library1
・Rock Music Library1
・Simple Ringtone Library1/2/3/4
・Simple Notification Sound Library1
・Sound Effects Library1

Tags: ringtone library , 003sh 着信音 個別設定 , infobar c01 通知音 着信音 , ton , au digno sounds ringtones とは , レグザフォンt01d 個別通知音設定 , so02c ミュージックライブラリ alarm , so01でミュージックライブラリーがありませんと表示された , 001dl 着信音を消して

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