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    Music Companion offers a suite of tools (tuner, metronome, virtual tone generator, harmonica module...) that assist you in everyday life if you are musician, composer, whatever your music experience, whatever your music instrument...
    Music Companion is:
    - tuner companion: tone and frequency detector and analyser
    - metronome companion
    - composer companion: tone generator including MIDI export
    - harmonica companion: harmonica layout and more

    Please note that READ_PHONE_STATE and ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permissions are required by Google Advertising service, not by me! Premium version do not need these permissions.

    Read further for a detailled description of the different tools. Note that you have also to download and install Adobe Air for Android in order to use the application.

    Music Companion Lite version lets you discover most of functionalities of the application and is free.

    Please upgrade to Music Companion Premium version for more functions, convenience and benefits like:
    - no advertising
    - possibility to export the notes that have been composed in the generator as a Midi file (.mid) for import and edition in an other music software
    - adjustable refresh rate for note recognition
    - multiple note generator (to compose chords)
    - timbre library for the metronome
    - global optimized performances

    Detailled description of the different tools:

    - Tuner Companion is a digital tuner that detects dominating frequencies of sound close to real time allowing note recognition. It can be used basically for tuning your music instrument or for musical dictation but also to analyse every device emitting sound. Numerous options available.
    - Generator Companion plays single or multiple sounds (chord) corresponding to the selected piano key(s).
    You can also use it as a fork. You can also create, compose your own music track and export it as a Midi format. (.mid)
    - Metronome Companion is a digital metronome that replaces your classical metronome with beats.
    - Harmonica Companion is a virtual 10 holes diatonic harmonica and simultaneously an interactive tool to to visualise the tones depending on the scale, harmonica and tonality. It is also able to generate and play automatic grooves for Blues.
    - Circle of Fifths module displays the well-known circle of fifths

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