Music Controller Lite




    Control your music without touching your computer !

    From anywhere on your Wifi , Music Controller Lite let you control the music playing on your computer.
    You're with your friends, cooking, or you simply want to stay on your bed, but you want to turn up the music or play another song ? This application is made for you !
    Turn down the volume, choose another song or playlist without moving, or download musics from your PC, just with your phone.

    Features :
    - Turn down/up the sound (even with physical buttons)
    - Mute/Unmute
    - Play/Pause
    - Previous song
    - Next song
    - Download songs from your PC to your phone (by song only)
    - Automatically start your multimedia player
    - Support for both phone and tablet

    This version is a limited version on "Music Controller", available on Google Play.

    In order to get this application working, you have to download the PC component at this address :

    Supported multimedia players :

    - Windows Media Player (version 9 and upper)

    Planned multedia players :

    - iTunes
    - VLC

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