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There are flaws in Google Voice Search for music that Quick Play Music widget corrects.

When you double-tap on your Android and say "Play Madonna", everything works great. You don't need this app for that.

But, you can only speak exact Artists or Song Titles in Google Voice Search, but not Album Titles or partial song titles or partial artist names.

Google Voice Quick Music
"Bad Romance" works works
"Play Romance" fails works
"Play Lady Gaga" works works (artist-search doesn't immediately play song)
"Play Gaga" fails works
"Play Fame Monster" works works
"Play Monster" fails works

You can 3-click on headphones button and speak music you want to hear.

This app supports any music app you want to search for music on your Android phone, like Pandora, Music Player, Google Play Music, YouTube, etc.

All you do is tap on the widget, speak the music you want to hear now, and it will play immediately. Period. That's It!

Note: Google Music Player doesn't yet support more refined music searches, like "Play Human Nature by Michael Jackson from Thriller"

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