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Musical Instruments

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    Musical Instruments App includes:
    * Electric Music Instruments, Reviews of Electric Guitar, Drums, Keyboard and others. Hardware and Software for Remixes, Music, Tools for Music Production and Music Studio. DJs Audio Unit, Synthesizers and more...
    * Music Instruments News, Reviews and Information on Piano, Tuba and Drums.
    * Music Lessons on How to play the Piano and Guitar, Music Practice, Music Software, Transcribe Music, Digital Audio Recorder Reviews. Plus Music Education for Children, Tips on Stage Presence, Drumming and what instruments to buy for beginners.
    * Wind Music Instruments, lessons on Piping, Trumpet and other instruments. Wind Instruments used in Music Bands, for Marching and Wind Instrument Championships.
    * Musicians Guide, Ochestral Instruments, Theatre Music, the Acordian, Guitar, Percussions used for Royal Occassions and Musician Awards.
    * Music Instruments used in African Music, Djembe, African Drums, Thumb Piano, xylophone and others. Thai Music Instruments, Cymbals, String Instruments and others.
    * Percussions Music Instruments, Accessories, Music Studio and Music Tribe.
    * Music Teachers Instructions, Guide, Educators Conference, Meetings and Discussions. Help for Music Teachers on How to book their studio, Courses, Online Music and Practice.
    * Music School for Jazz Enthusiasts, Music School Reviews and Interviews of Performers.
    * Photos of String Music Instruments, Wind Music Instruments, Music Bands and Musicians.

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