Music'Songs !



[ Features of this appli ]
①Animations are in heavy usage, I orient music player to enjoy watching.
②This appli play music files stored in the SD card of device.
③Music file information is retrieved from the database of the Android, display song title and play music.
④Album art and Music art can be displayd.
⑤Background can be changed.
⑥Background Ligth(light effect) can be changed.
⑦Song title and font size, font style can be changed.
* need to restart Main Screen.
⑧Album is can be selected by Album Selector.
⑨Equalizer feature.
⑩Art size and animation type, transparency, effect type of Album can be changed.
⑪List divider type and height can be changed.
⑫Shuffle feature.
⑬Cutting Playback feature.
*setting start position and end position.

[ Setting of Album Art and Music Art ]

Music Art --- If exist image file of same name as music file name in the folder of music file, music art will be displayed.

Album Art --- If image file of music art is none and exist image file of same name as folder name in the folder of album music file, album art will be displayed.

* Please do not change extension of the image file.

* If both music and album art is not exist, album art that is registered in the database of Android will be displayed. If registered album art is not exist, album art will be not displayed.

[ Support File Format ]

Music File: m4a, mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, mid, midi, ogg, wav, aac
* Even file formats that support , the codec used to compress the file may not play.

Picture File of Album Art / Music Art: jpeg, jpg, png, gif, bmp, webp

[ How to use ]

Various buttons

play / pause / exit: tap --- play / pause music
play / pause / exit: long tap --- exit appli
previous: tap --- play previous music
previous: long tap --- play previous album
next: tap --- play next music
next: long tap --- play next album
list: tap --- display / hide list
list: long tap --- background of list dyed / transparent
shuffle: tap --- shuffle on / of
settings: tap --- open Settings Screen
settings: long tap --- open Equalizer Setting


tap --- play tapped music
long tap --- open Album Selector

Entire background

long tap --- open Album Selector

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