Nature Sounds Ringtones



Try now ringtones and alarm sounds of nature!!!


- install to SD card
- high quality Nature Ringtone sounds
- nature sms sounds
- nature alert tones
- nature alarm sounds


Roar of the surf ringtone
Forest ringtone
Rain sound ringtone
Song of birds alarm ringtone
Jungle ringtone
Waterfall sound ringtone
Thunderstorm ringtone
Creek ringtone
Camp Fire sound ring tone
Heavy Rain sound ringtone
Snow in the winter ring tone
Wind sound


* soothing music - sleep sounds and ringtones
* therapy music (music therapy, sound therapy, melody therapy)
* white noise for sleep
* bedtime music and songs
* lullaby of nature
* fall asleep immediately
* nature white noise maker
* deep relaxation melody
* set as ringtone meditation music for relaxation
* set as alarm
* relax and sleep well
* tinnitus mask
* bedtime music, bedtime sounds and meditation
* sounds effects ringtones (noise maker app)
* like yoga music for relaxation and meditation
* beach sounds - the soothing sound of a tropical beach
* nature sounds to help you sleep
* animal sounds

Nature sounds can be separated in two groups: first one includes the sounds produced by animals, while the second consists of sounds produced by natural phenomena such as weather and meteorological occurrences.

During the history, sounds of nature, especially animal sounds, have been objects of imitation of tribal people (and even of devotion when they have been related to their belief systems).

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