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    This is an absolutely free Nepali android app that can play National Anthem Of Nepal. This is for new Nepali National Anthem ("Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka Haami"). The application has ability to play, pause and stop the anthem as well as has the anthem lyrics (both in roman english as well as Nepali Font). For those who play music, we have provided the musical notes.

    The lyrics of the National Anthem were written by the poet Pradeep Kumar Rai, alias Byakul Maila. The music is composed by Amber Gurung. The national anthem is simply worded, praising Nepali sovereignty, unity, courage, pride, scenic beauty, progress, peace, cultural and biological diversity, and respect.

    This is one of the ventures of Sanjaal Corps to make the global national anthem easily accessible to Android based mobile phones. We have released the national anthems of other countries as well.

    This app can be used in offline mode. That means once you download the app, you will not need any further internet connection to be able to play the music. We have added high quality MP3 sound so we hope you will really enjoy and appreciate the patriotic sentiments.

    Sanjaal Corps has developed several other android apps. Direct links to those apps are also linked from within this application.

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