NI Razor Revealed



Native Instruments’ Razor is a totally slick additive synthesis machine. See all the different ways you can slice this knife of a synth into your tracks in this 40-plus video tutorial by expert synthesist G.W. Childs...

Razor is one of the best soft synths to hit the music marketplace in years. With its powerful additive synthesis engine and its vast array of effects and modulators, your only limitation is the depth of your imagination! And, speaking of imagination, that‘s why we chose the informative and always imaginative G.W. Childs to lead you on this tutorial journey.

You’ll start off with Razor basics, where you'll discover its amazing user interface: Randomize & Morph, the Visual Display and its Filters section, to name a few. The rest of this deep tutorial teaches you Razor through the process of sound design. This means you’ll see G.W. actually wrestling with this synth to create cool Bass, Lead, Pad, Choir and Vocoder patches while along the way teaching all about additive synthesis and Razor's unique cutting-edge features. And, throughout this fascinating journey, you’ll also see Razor’s vibrant animated display in action so that you’ll not only hear the results of G.W.’s sound design but you’ll see it, too. So if you’re into Native Instruments, Razor, and additive synthesis this tutorial will take you where you want to go!

Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Loading Patches
3. Saving Patches
4. Randomize/Morph
5. Visual Display
6. Oscillators
7. Voicing Section
8. Filters
9. Choose Starting Patch
10. Pulse to Saw
11. Lowpass Dirty
12. Modulation for Bass
13. Safe Bass
14. Dynamic Effects- Dirty Limiter
15. Quality
16. Duo Saw
17. Octaves to Saw and Beating
18. Lowpass and Pad Modulation
19. Gaps
20. Sidechain
21. Reverb
22. Modulation for Pad
23. Formant Oscillator
24. Vowel Filter 1
25. Vowel Filter 2
26. Unisono Noise
27. Reverb Synced
28. Spectral Clip and Compressor
29. Finalization Options for Choirs
30. Sick Pitchbend and Hoover
31. Lowpass Phaser and Smoothers
32. Highpass and String
33. Spectral Clip
34. Chorus and Echo
35. Safe Bass and Mod Wheel for Lead
36. Setting up the Razor as a Vocoder in Ableton
37. Setting up the Razor as a Vocoder in Logic Pro
38. Vocoder Filter
39. Pitched Noise and Color
40. Sync Classic
41. Highpass for Vocoders
42. Centroid
43. Conclusion

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