Om Namah Shivaya Chanting


Om Namah Shivaya Chanting's review


A handful of photos, information, and a 30 second sound clip of chanting

  • Information and photos from the artist
  • If you only want to meditate for 30 seconds, it's a great option
  • Free sound clip is only 30 seconds long

"Inner peace in a 30 second sound clip"

Om Namah Shivaya Chanting Lite is a minimally useful app for those wanting to practice Hindu meditation. It includes a 30 second sound clip from Sahil Jagtiani, plus artist information and a few photos. You're meant to repeat the chant 108 times, but there's no repeat button, so either you'll have to interrupt your meditation every 30 seconds to press play again or shell out for the premium version. Given the existence of totally free chanting tracks elsewhere, I fail to see how this particular app adds much to the experience.

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