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OnkyTroller is the first Android App to control your Onkyo(tm) or Integra(tm) Receiver over Wifi/Internet. Browse your MediaServer, USB-Drive or Internet Radio Stations with your Android Device as a Remote Control.

OnkyTroller works on all Onkyo Network receivers, als the 2010 and 2009 models!!

This trial is 15 days fully functional. Each update resets the counter, so keep it installed!

Please e-mail your feedback and tell me if there is a problem! I will fix it! Rate it if you like it! Thanks!

- Spotify support for 2011 models
- Search media servers/web radio for 2011 models
- Quick Browse Bar
- One-Click browsing music
- Full screen on/off
- You can control zone 2 and 3.
- Seven theme's to customize the screens to your mood.
- 'Minimize data' in settings menu to avoid hicks
- Album art/Net Radio Logo
- Tuner Control
- Automatic device detection (requires uPNP enabled router)

Select the Source Input with the Source Settings Screen
or your favorite Sound Listening mode at the Sound Settings Screen. LongPress the preset button to store the current source and give it a custom name.

Control the volume om your Onkyo with the volume buttons of your phone.

I will frequently add new functionality to this pro-version.

Compatible devices:

All devices supporting ISCP over Ethernet (eISCP)

Note: Not all device support all functions. TX-NR**7 series does not support all the browsing functions.

TX-NR515 TX-NR616 TX-NR717 TX-NR818 TX-NR1010 TX-NR3010 TX-NR5010 TX-NR509 TX-NR609 TX-NR709 TX-NR1009 TX-NR579 TX-NR809 TX-NR1009 TX-NR3009 TX-NR5009 DTR-20.1 DTR-30.1 DTR-40.1 DTR-50.1 DTR-70.1 DTR-80.1 DTR-20.2 DTR-30.2 DTR-40.2 DTR-50.2 DTR-70.2 DTR-80.2
TX-NR707 TX-NR807 TX-NR1007 TX-NR3007 TX-NR5007 TX-NR708 TX-NR808 TX-NR1008 TX-NR3008 TX-NR5008
DHC-40.1 DHC-80.1 DHC-40.2 DHC-80.2
PR-SC5507 PR-SC5508

Onkyo is a registered trademark of Onkyo corporation

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