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    For the Oud fans of the world, there’s now a fun and easy to use Android app called the Oud Tuner.

    The free Oud Tuner app is a new tool for your smart phone to make tuning your oud simple and easy. No more keeping a chord finder at the ready. Simply start the app, select your tuning mode, tap the note of the string you need to tune and you will get the accurate sound reference.
    The free version of the Oud Tuner app will have an Arabic tuning type available with a classic tuning option (C, F, A, D, G, & C).

    The full version of the Oud Tuner has both Arabic and Turkish tuning types.
    Arabic tuning options consist:

    ➢Classic tuning (FREE)
    ➢5 Double Strings Plus Bass,
    ➢6 Double Strings
    ➢Iraqi Tuning
    ➢High Arabic Tuning
    ➢Lebanese Tuning

    Turkish tuning options consist:

    ➢Classical Turkish
    ➢Optional Turkish
    ➢Old Turkish

    You can choose between a short strum and a long strum of the string, with an option to have the note repeat if necessary.

    The oud is a pear-shaped stringed instrument commonly used in North African and Middle Eastern music, mainly in countries such as Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as well as the UAE. The modern oud and the European lute both descend from a common ancestor via diverging paths. The oud is readily distinguished by its lack of frets and smaller neck.

    The Oud Tuner app, available for the Android is easy on the eyes with a classic and realistic-looking oud taking up your Android screen. The large buttons for each note make the app easy to use while your tuning your oud.

    Users of the Oud Tuner extremely easy to use and should try the full version of the app when exploring other styles of playing the oud. Oud Tuner was Developed by the world famous Arab Instruments, which specializes in the sales and services of Ouds online. The notes that have been provided in this app have been recorded and checked by an oud master, who’s an enthusiast himself.

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