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    Get the official App of Paul Chantrill! I have been playing guitar and keyboards since I was knee high to a grasshopper and have studied classical guitar, keyboards and musicianship for many years. Although schooled in choral traditions with singing and chamber choirs (Fiori Musicale in Armidale and in Brisbane and Hamilton NZ), I now enjoy writing and playing mostly for acoustic and classical guitar. I have come to enjoy composing and writing my own music. I do like to play and record all the instruments in my music. I like the challenge of bringing all the voices together to make a more complete musical statement. All of my music is original and draws from classical and folk traditions reflecting different places, people and cultures I have met along the way. The music is sometimes sparse and ethereal in texture but always melodic. It offers gentle tones and phrases that can engage the listener to take them on a bit of journey too, just like Vero's from Mexico!

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